Sektion Red

Baron Samedi

  • SMOKES EVERYBODY *drops mic*
  • DRINKS Only if you're buying. Or if I'm buying. Or if it's free.
  • EATS Steak, pizza, steak-pizza, pizza-steak. Oh, and your salty congealed tears.
  • LISTENS Taylor Swift, Hungarian Jazz-Metal, Whale sex noises, my next-door neighbour MOWING HIS FUCKIN LAWN AT 7 AM CUNT
  • WATCHES by Rolex, preferably
  • READS your internet history when you're not looking
  • LOVES Baron Samedi
  • HATES Baron Samedi
  • ALWAYS eat the last Rolo
  • NEVER try to make a carpet out of lego bricks
Badly Promoted Geniuses - Group Therapy [Official Video]

Badly Promoted Geniuses – Group Therapy [Official Video]


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