Sektion Red

H-Man (Thunder-H)

H-Man is one half of the grime duo from Newcastle Upon Tyne, writing rhymes to a genre called Makina (AKA New Monkey) at the age of 13 he is a veteran when it comes to lyric writing! His discovery, (from first to recent), includes: From A Boy To A H-Man, Cloud-H, Scotchy-Wood and joint HB mixtape, The Perfect Storm.

  • SMOKES Owt Purple...
  • DRINKS Brown Ale, Vodka (With lemon and lime), Whiskey
  • EATS Bacon/Cheese Fries and a FAT Burger
  • LISTENS UK Grime
  • WATCHES Samurai Jack and Bleach
  • READS Manga
  • LOVES Graffiti'ing
  • HATES Generic people and things so basically everything...
  • ALWAYS Wearing a matching hat
  • NEVER Not wearing a matching hat
HB - Peace of Mind [Official Video]

HB – Peace of Mind [Official Video]


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