Sektion Red


Started listening to Hip Hop at age 11 through the stuff in the US like Nas, Jay-Z, Dre, Eminem, Wu Tang, Tupac, BIG, Snoop, Ice Cube, Onyx, Mobb Deep etc... Started writing at 12 and recording from home on a 4 track tape deck, eventually progressed to a home studio, honing my sound over the years eventually teaming up with SneakZ to form Profound Poets. We are currently working on our 3rd release and have had the privilege of performing up and down the country at shows and festivals supporting the likes of Life MC, Lee Scott, Rag N Bone Man, Stig Of The Dump, Dr. Syntax, Fingerfood, Cappo, The Mouse Outfit, Duke and Frenglish Connexion.

  • SMOKES The potent spliffy
  • DRINKS Tyskie and/or Absolut other than that - its all about the Robinsons Squash!
  • EATS Jerk Chicken wraps, or pigs in a sandwich
  • LISTENS US wise everything from Nas, to Wu Tang to BIG etc; to the UK stuff like Rhyme Asylum, HF etc; the list would be endless but thats a few...
  • WATCHES A lot of documentaries
  • LOVES Hip-Hop
  • HATES Negative shit
  • ALWAYS Keeps it positive
  • NEVER Succumbs to the bullshit
Profound Poets - Forward (Prod by Mr. Boss) [Official Video]

Profound Poets – Forward (Prod by Mr. Boss) [Official Video]


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