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L.I.F.E. Long

L.I.F.E. Long hailing from New York City U.S.A. . The acronym for L.i.f.e. "Living in full effect" is a persona taken on by L.i.f.e. in the early ninety's. Through this musical journey. L.i.f.e. has released 5 solo album "Strugglers Paradise" (2003) , "Longevity vol 1.5."(2007), "The waiting Game(2010)", "Crossing the Globe(2011)" ,"Visit's with the medicine man"(2012) including two volumes of his collaboration mixtape project cuts and colabos Part 1 (2002)and Part 2(2006). Not to mention countless appearances with a range of features including collaborations with Cannibol Ox , Immortal Technique , Prince Po of Organized Konfusion,Jeru da Damaja, Cella Dwellas, Anti Pop consortium just to name a few.

L.I.FE Long's musical journey began in 95 being apart of various crews like Stronghold,Writers Guild, and so many more. Since then he has been putting out music and traveling the world expanding his brand "CocoonMovements". Cocon Movements is the label spearheaded by l.i.f.e.long. Look out for the cocoonmovement imprint and artists down with the movement like Elohemstar,Syntax and Fatra Beats.

Coming soon is L.I.F.E. Long's next solo lp"Bat out the Cave" produced entirely by Scotland Glassgow's own "Bunty Beats" . This lp is sure to be a certified classic. Shout out to "Sektion Red's" own "Oliver Whitehouse" on video work supporting the lp. Dropping via Cocoonmovements/mixking records this spring/summer 2015. (Tracklisting for lp to be announced)

  • SMOKES medicinal,High Grade
  • DRINKS a lil something something! Fan of Cognac
  • EATS Healthy strictly ital! Vegetarian a lil fish!
  • LISTENS to all genre's of music anything with a vibe to it!
  • WATCHES Action,Comedy,Thrillers,Documentary's , Animation,Cartoons
  • READS Anything that i can learn from ! Content that is uplifting!
  • LOVES the simple things! Collecting!
  • HATES The system! We gotta break out it worldwide!
  • ALWAYS eager to learn new things. explore , meeting new people!
  • NEVER going to grow up! Timeless! Will never give up!
L.i.f.e. Long & Bunty Beats feat. Paro (Split Prophets) & King RA - Climbing Up [Official Video]

L.i.f.e. Long & Bunty Beats feat. Paro (Split Prophets) & King RA – Climbing Up [Official Video]


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L.I.F.E. Long - Parkside Ave. Freestyle

L.I.F.E. Long – Parkside Ave. Freestyle


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