Sektion Red


Antonio Moreno A.K.A Peluzah. 31 years old. He was born in Arcos de la frontera (Cádiz) in the south of Spain. He started to be involved in the hiphop culture when he was 15. Member of 2R crew, he was one of the pioneers of the rap scene in his city. He was a member of Flaco Dolce, a well known rap group in the south of Spain. After a successful first album ,"Flacofonía" the group played in many festivals supporting big names of the Spanish scene and closed the tour in London supporting probably the best Spanish rap group ever, Violadores del Verso. After this Peluzah moved to Bristol in 2010 and has been involved in different hiphop projects, playing around Bristol and in Spain too. In 2014 he starts a project with Habitus recording his third solo studio album "Employee of the month" in Dusty Sounds. Peluzah is now associated with a Hiphop collective with Habitus, Da Beat Lawyer, Sage Advice and Dj Guevara with HQ in Dusty Sounds Studios.

  • SMOKES I don't like it
  • DRINKS Guiness and Tequila ( Never mixed)
  • EATS Proper Spanish food and Cottage Pies
  • LISTENS Classic French, American and Spanish Hip Hop but I have to say I am in love with the Manchester sound from the 90's.
  • WATCHES TV Series, Documentaries and sometimes movies
  • READS When I am travelling
  • LOVES Life
  • HATES Haters
  • ALWAYS Be yourself
  • NEVER Judge without knowing