Sektion Red


Started writing at the age of 19 heavily influenced by the grime scene but eventually found a love for hip hop. In 2012 I teamed up with IC and formed Profound Poets, a hip hop due from the south west. Together we have released two E.P's and are currently working on our official release, as well as a back catalogue of solo stuff. Since forming Profound Poets we've played shows up and down the country and supported such names as Life MC, Stig of the dump, Rag n Bone man, The Mouse Outfit, FrenglishConnexion, Cappo, Sam zircon, fingerfood, Dr Syntax, Annix, Duke, Nicky Blackmarket, NLP, Lee Scott and many more! We have also recently formed a 7 piece crew Methodical Concept and are close to finishing our first release together.

  • SMOKES i dont unless it smells funny...
  • DRINKS Apple juice or Stella
  • EATS Chilli's and Curry and sour chewy sweets!
  • LISTENS Anything and everything
  • WATCHES Too many documentaries
  • READS the last book i read was the Alchemist, highly recommended
  • LOVES live music of any kind and Cornwall...
  • HATES People stuck up their own ass
  • ALWAYS leaves pub early for a smoke
  • NEVER eats marmite
Profound Poets - Forward (Prod by Mr. Boss) [Official Video]

Profound Poets – Forward (Prod by Mr. Boss) [Official Video]


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