Sektion Red

Verses Bang

Gangster rapper from Southend on Sea, aka the Crenshaw of Essex. Has multiple releases and personalities. Check most of them on either or real life. Verses' last shingle "In The Dog House" was released 01-11-15. He prefers your animal to you. Click the links and peep the steelo.

  • SMOKES cos he's hard
  • DRINKS Waterboy
  • EATS Pie N Mash. Matchday Steeze.
  • LISTENS Phil Collins and Onyx. together.
  • WATCHES Casio
  • READS and weeps.
  • LOVES you
  • HATES you
  • ALWAYS pack a mac
  • NEVER forget where you're coming from. 'Gaz B 'Low'
Verses Bang - In The Dog House [Official Video]

Verses Bang – In The Dog House [Official Video]


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