Sektion Red

We’re live, welcome to Sektion Red!


After launching Sektion Red in 2012 and existing online only through social media, we’ve now got a permanent home and place we can call our own.

Here’s a quick guide to the site, and a heads up on what we have in the pipeline:

As ever we’ll be consistently releasing new music videos with both established and emerging artists, in addition to our norm we’ll be releasing a variety of series, including some mini documentaries we’re excited about; an exploration of hip hop in Newcastle, our findings in Berlin and their interpretation of the UK sound, Let the Blains Brow 2 with Split Prophets in Switzerland and BlabberMouf’s (from Dutch crew Het Verzet) first trip to Bristol.

Uncensored blog posts from members of our quickly expanding crew and occasional guest authors, expect honest opinions and critical thinking from a wide range of characters.

Behind the scenes photography, and general findings. Expect mixed techniques; from phone snaps to film camera stills and everything in between.

Every artist we shoot a music video with will have a profile on the site, consisting of a photo, their discography, the videos they’ve shot with us, some info and their habits. As well as an opportunity for voyeurs to submit questions, to be answered publicly, at the artists discretion!

We’re busy concocting new video series’ domestically as well as shooting in the wider international market. If you’re an artist who wants to align yourself with our platform, or if you think you could contribute to our business and want to get involved with the crew, hit us up on

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