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'If so get the 45, put it next to my temple make sure that no one is vengeful, pull the trigger end my life' - CONFZ
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Introducing Confz, from the east side of the London river. East london for the first time in a long while has a diamond in the dirt ready to shine. Of course there are the forefathers who paved the way, but here is the rapper from a generation who was brought up on their music, what sound can he create? who knows… Formally known as Nathanael, you could say the rapper has been practicing his craft since 2004 but took it seriously in 2009 onwards. His laid back manor and ‘doesn’t give a F*** attitude’ adds to the rap persona of ‘CONFZ’. After the debut solo EP ‘Conscience’ blogs and fans started to take a liking towards this artist and anxiously await his singles.

Born in East London, CONFZ has literally spent his whole life living there. Like many artists from the same background as CONFZ, he talks about the struggles and hardships along with sharing experiences that changed his life.

“Growing up around here you have to cherish your friends, because you genuinely can lose them very young” Says CONFZ who hates to brag about the typical stereotype that rappers tend to talk about i.e. money, clothes, cars and b*tches. “Rappers talk about how many bodies they’ve buried or how many times they buss their gun, but it’s all fabricated… i’ve seen real people live that life and believe me… they do not brag about it.” Being raised around Leyton and Stratford it’s not hard to get caught up on the wrong path, “I admit, I dabbled in things people could frown upon, however i don’t regret them. I’ve never done anything that goes against my moral code and keeps me up at night”

Though some may stigmatise and put CONFZ in the category of a typical rapper, surprisingly he had other roads available to him in terms of career choices “I finished school with very nice grades, I finished College with good enough grades to get into university, I then went to university for 2 years. I don’t mean to blow my own horn but i have talents of a high degree in other fields to. BUT I genuinely have a passion for this craft, so I put everything else to the side and put most of my efforts into this right here”

As much as this may sound cliché CONFZ is different from most rappers here, “I hate most rappers… that’s the honest truth, i am the hater of rappers. not in an envious way, but in a way where i sit and think… really? this is all you can do? some may call me a hater, I just call it an opinion” Controversial is also another word that defines this artist, after making videos with directors such as Konstantin Ermov, Oliver Whitehouse, Hot Beef Sundae, Jamal Woon etc, CONFZ’ visuals stay at a respectably high level. In an era where videos are a selling point he has definitely conquered this field. Although being described as ‘Controversial’ Modest is also a word to use when describing him. “I don’t really like my early work, in the process of making it I guess I like it. As soon as it’s out and i’m working on something else I don’t really like it. I always like my most recent projects more than anything else, you could say it’s due to self progress”

CONFZ takes a more poetic and real approach to his music, conveying real life issues and unique rapping style with intricate rhyme patterns. The choice of people who works with alone is reflection on his talents working with the likes of Kojey Radical, Lunar C, Aalvin & more.

  • SMOKES Nothing
  • DRINKS Juice
  • EATS Many delicacies under the sun
  • LISTENS to himself
  • WATCHES anime
  • READS Manga and historical books
  • LOVES himself
  • HATES people that aren't him
  • ALWAYS wear a rubber...unless it looks real clean... then take that risk...
  • NEVER drink milk straight after eating pineapples
Confz - What's the Point [Official Video]

Confz – What’s the Point [Official Video]


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Confz - Deadman Walking [Official Video]

Confz – Deadman Walking [Official Video]


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On set with Confz, Oliver Whitehouse and Miles J Harrison at B&D Studios [TEASER]

On set with Confz, Oliver Whitehouse and Miles J Harrison at B&D Studios [TEASER]


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