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’10 Emerging NYC artists’ cats should be checking for…


We asked ‘L.i.F.E. Long’, the Sektion Red NYC connect who we’ve filmed with a bunch of times, to put together a list of 10 emerging artists from New York we should know about.

Peace Sektion Red viewers, hoping we’re all doing our best to keep positive during these times. While your at home looking for new things to keep you entertained during quarantine here’s 10 emerging artists hailing out the city cats should be checking for, in my opinion. So here we go…

1. Rome Streetz
Hailing from Brooklyn N.Y.C. dope artists who has been putting it down for quite sometimes but killing the scene right now.

2. Che Noir
Hailing from Rochester N.Y. dope female artist down with TRUST gang . Young sister with barz!

3. Merc The Big Body Benz
Hailing from Queens N.Y. also not too new to the scene but the Queen is nasty with the barz and completely original!

4. Rigz
Hailing from Rochester N.Y. another dope emcee who may be new to some but has been putting it down for  minute killing the scene.

5. Fatboi SHARIF
Hailing from New Jersey dope emcee one of the most original coming out the tri -state area!!

6. Bishop Nehru
Hailing from Spring Valley N.Y. not really new and the work he’s put in speaks for its self!

7. Innocent?
Hailing from Brooklyn N.Y. dope artist who stays putting in work ill emcee!!

8. Fleelord
Hailing from Queens/L.E.S. N.Y. dope emcee down with the Griselda camp real N.Y. ish!

9. Elohemstar
Hailing from Long Island N.Y. One of my homey’s, dope emcee his lp LW2AC is a breath of fresh air!!

10. L.i.F.E.(Liggy)Long
Hailing from Queens/Brooklyn N.Y. I had to big myself up! For those that don’t know! I been putting in that work for over 2 decades ! Got new music coming for 2020!!!

All of these artists have social media pages and visuals via #youtube.  Big up All my Sektion red massive worldwide! Stay safe we going to get thru this! Keep the music in your heart and play it LOUD! Peace

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