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’10 Emerging Paris artists’ cats should be checking for…

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We asked ‘Air Max’, a previous Sektion Red intern, to put together a list of 10 emerging artists from Paris we should know about.

France is for many the 2nd most fertile ground in terms of rap. Nevertheless, due to the barrier of this beautiful and complex language, U.K often comes to the forefront. So I wanted to shed some light on 10 Parisian rappers. Whether they’re from the capital or from the outskirts of the city. 

1. L’uZine
“93,100 représentant !” L’Uzine is a group from Montreuil, including Cenza, Tony Toxik, Tonio Le Vakeso & Souffrance. Their rap has Wu Tang vibes but the French version.

2. Le Gouffre
A mix of rappers from Paris, and others from the Grand Paris, Le Gouffre, it’s : L’Affreux Jojo, Brack, Char, Fonik, Gabz, F & Tragik.

3. LuXe
A former hip hop dancer who trained in the Bronx, LuXe rap about the street life he knew in the Big Apple.

4. Ormaz
Rapper for Panama Bende, Ormaz delivers technical flows inspired by his models from the Time Bomb school.

5. Prince Waly
Montreuil is the cursed school of rap in the Paris region… Despite the talent pool that is this city, not many rappers can manage to export their rap outside of their hometown. Prince Waly is one of those who have made a bit of a splash with his hustler look and his punchy flow.

6. L’Oracle
Just near Montreuil, there’s Noisy-le-Sec, where L’Oracle lives. A guy who’s always angry, he uses his rap to express his rage against the State.

7. luxlucis
The flow of this cat is something I’ve never heard before, just keep your ears open…

8. Ham Mauvaise Graine
On the west side of the ring road, one hears the deep voice of Ham Mauvaise Graine, and not as deep as the subjects he deals with…

9. L’Indis
One of the best lyricists in the region and even in France. A solid technique and plenty of references to east coast rap.

10. Néfaste
Very dark lyrics on melancholic beats… Listening to Nefaste’s rap you can imagine his grey hood.

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